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Who we are?

The Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society (MME) was founded in 1974. By its nearly 10 000 members, at present it is the largest Central European nature conservation NGO. One of its largest local organisations is Bükk Local Group. It has about 270-300 members. Our operational area covers the Bükk and Uppony Mountains, the foothill area of them, and the Heves-Borsod Plane.

Bükk Local Group aims to protect wildlife – especially wild birds – and to increase the social supporting of these activities.

Main tasks:

  • Environmental education of the youth to develop environmental awareness
  • Nature conservation research, organising and carrying out species protection programs

There is a meeting of the Miskolc Ornithologist Club monthly, every last Friday of the month. Locality: 4/3 19. Széchenyi Street, Miskolc, 3525 Civil House
Time: 16:30-18:30


  • Presentations
  • Species descriptions
  • Program reports from the last months
  • Information about the next programs
  • Informal conversations 

 Please type your email address into the box below the “mailing list” on the right side of the screen if you would like to receive information about our programs! 


Take part on our programs, support us by your work and donations, share information about us or just be caring with nature!